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Author of The Erebus Files, The ‘Ru Lexicon series, and other random crap.

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Red Awakening by A.J. Church

Red Awakening

The Erebus Files, Book 2 — 10.30.2013 — $1.99

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My name is Red, and I’m a thief.

You have to be tough to survive the streets of Lower Erebus, something Red knows all too well. Orphaned at the age of nine, she learned early on how to take care of herself. Now she specializes in locating and retrieving unusual artifacts for the supernatural community.

In her line of work, she thought she had seen just about everything man or monster could throw at her. However, when she witnesses the drive-by shooting of an innocent man, Red finds herself drawn into a battle between beings far more powerful than anything she has previously encountered, and a revelation about her own origins that could change her life forever.




Return of the Light

The ‘Ru Lexicon, Book 1 — 06.23.2013 — $2.99

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Bad decisions—even for the right reasons—can still kill you.

Raphael is a rogue. Has been his entire life—breaking the wrong rules, crossing the wrong men, romancing the wrong women. It’s a habit that has gotten him into trouble more times than he can count, but when his poor judgement lands his neck in an executioner’s noose, he’s given the opportunity to cheat death by joining the ‘Ru, an ancient, immortal race sworn to protect mankind from the demons of the Underworld.

Embracing his new role, Raphael becomes one of the most feared Enforcers in his Clan. Lethal with a blade and deadly in a fight, he can best any demon that crosses his path. About the only thing he can’t defeat is his knack for making bad decisions. This time, however, there’s more than just his own neck on the line. Signs are pointing to a war with the demons, and the key to not only its outcome, but the fate of the entire ‘Ru race, could rest on a single choice. The question is, can Raphael finally make the right one?



Return of the Light by A.J. Church


Lucid by A.J. Church


The Erebus Files, Book 1 — 06.14.2012 — $0.99

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My name is Laec Matthews. An orphan dumped on the church steps and raised by a God-fearing, bible-thumping, fire and brimstone minister. Grew up a good kid. Polite. Honest. Trustworthy. A little quiet.


And then I found out why.

You see, I’m something that’s not supposed to exist. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Abomination, in my father’s dictionary.


Believe it or not, there are those who insist I was brought into this world for a purpose. Knowing what I’m capable of, guess how I feel about that?


I am what I am. Far as I’m concerned, that sucks about as much for me as it does for you. Too bad. Because I’m tired of hiding in the shadows. I want answers, and I’m about to bust out of my cage to get them.



Being John Bland

12.26.2010 — $0.99

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Meet John Bland—accidental serial killer

Becoming the world’s most prolific accidental serial killer wasn’t part of John Bland’s Master Plan. But then, neither was having a crazy Australian roommate on a Mission From God, a girlfriend who couldn’t outsmart celery, and two clueless cops who may or may not suspect him of corporate espionage. Just goes to show you—be careful what you wish for.

All John wants is to break out of the rut of his vanilla life by proving he’s smarter than the average Joe. His plan? Commit the perfect crime and get away with it. Too bad it doesn't go down that way. Now instead of rising above his fellow man, he’s scrambling to find ways to hide the bodies while dodging killing advice from the ghost of a rotgut-swilling cowboy. It’s enough to make being average look good.



Being John Bland by A.J. Church

Bio Stuff

Why do I write what I write?

Dark Fantasy

I grew up loving to be scared. Whether it was urban legends told around a camp fire, cheesy Friday night Chiller movies, or creeping around dark basements, abandoned houses, or the town cemetary at night, I could never get enough of that manufactured adrenalin rush of fear, especially if there was the possibility of an otherworldly cause.

I’ve always had a fascination for anything involving the supernatural or occult. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, angels, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures were the fuel for my youthful imagination. Growing up an Air Force brat, I was always the new kid in school, which meant I spent a lot of time reading and daydreaming about the kind of characters and worlds that made reality seem mundane in comparison.

And then there's the villains, who are always so much more interesting to write. Sprinkle in a little supernatural fairy dust, and they become the ultimate bad boys and girls, which I suppose is why even my good guys have a little bad in them.

I guess you could say I write dark fiction because it allows me to grab all the darkness inside and pull it out into the light.

The Series

I’m currently working on two fantasy series. The Erebus Files is an urban fantasy series set in the fictional city of Erebus in the northeast U.S. and features a rotating cast of characters with location in common. For more on it, visit my Erebus Files page.

The ‘Ru Lexicon is a dark fantasy trilogy about a group of vampire-like immortals tasked with protecting mankind from the demons of the Underworld. Each book revolves around one of three main characters. For more information, visit my ‘Ru Lexicon page.

Dark Comedy

I have a dark, twisted sense of humor with a fondness for the absurd. Couple that with a love of the Three Ss (snarky, smart-ass, sarcastic), and you have the special sauce for my own brand of dark comedy.

A Word About Profanity

I’ve been accused of using too much profanity in my work. Tough shit. In my (real) world, it’s part of natural conversation, so consider yourself WARNED.

So here it is in a nutshell: if you are easily offended, don’t read my books.